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Holly & Jason  |  October 9, 2017

What They Said

"Where shall I begin?  Let’s start at the beginning…all brides to be quickly find out that planning a wedding can be stressful and quite time consuming.  Well, I’m here to tell you that can be a myth of the past.  Ladies, if you and your future husband are busy working professionals looking for the perfect wedding (with the most amazing backdrop the islands can give) without having the planning and preparation takeover your already hectic life, then look no further, “Aruba Weddings for you” is truly for you!

Jason and I had the pleasure of working with Marielle and her team from the beginning stages of our planning.  She provided all the information we needed and worked closely with our travel agent/wedding adviser on building out the wedding of our dreams.  

Fast forward to our arrival on the beautiful island of Aruba where we were greeted at the airport by Daniella, a team member of Marielle’s and brought to the Divi where we had our pre-wedding meeting with the entire team of individuals responsible for making our wedding day perfect, which they most certainly succeeded at.  Marielle ensured the vision we spoke about all the prior months would play out as expected the day of the wedding.  We even made last minute changes that the team graciously agreed to.  We can not say enough about the entire team at Aruba Weddings, their dedication to making our wedding day unforgettable was amazing.  During our picture session Marielle even made sure Jason and I had a beverage and literally fed us appetizers!   

The wedding ceremony and reception were more than we could have imagined.  Our guests had the most incredible time and it goes without saying that everyone enjoyed everything from the food to the music to the gorgeous environment.  The smile on everyone’s faces all night long was an easy indicator our wedding made them as happy as it made us!  

We’ve been home now over 2 months and the topic of conversation to this day is how incredible the trip to Divi Aruba was and how Jason and I’s wedding was beyond perfect!  Thank you to Aruba Weddings for all the priceless memories and I can guarantee you’ve earned yourself many repeat visitors!  Thank you for the most amazing experience and the best way to start our life journey!"

Featured Wedding

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