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Heather & Chad | August 16, 2016

What They Said

"Working with Aruba Weddings for You was probably the best choice we made after deciding to have a destination wedding! We chose to not follow a “package” and have a customized wedding. Working with Mariëlle and the rest of the team made things so easy and our wedding could not have gone more perfectly.

Everything from the decor to the food was absolutely perfect. They work closely with the vendors and truly create your dream wedding for you.

We had the privilege of meeting Mariëlle last year at our friends wedding and after seeing how great she was we knew we had to have her for our own. She is someone who you can tell definitely takes pride in her job and loves what she does. We started our trip to Aruba with being picked up at the airport with a big smile on her face. At our pre-wedding meeting she sat with us to make sure everything was exactly as we wanted. Wedding day arrived and once again I was greeted with a big smile from her after I could tell she spent her day busting her butt to make sure everything was set up perfectly. The smallest gestures did not go unnoticed with her. Guests would start to shed a tear and there was Mariëlle with a tissue. A moment that stands out the most to us was when our Maid of Honor surprised my husband with a life size cut out of our dog during her speech. After the speech was over we watched as Mariëlle placed the dog in 3 or 4 different spots until she found the PERFECT spot because she knew how important our dog is to us.

We heard from many of our guests that we had the perfect wedding. That they have been to many weddings and nothing compares. We have Aruba Weddings for You to thank for that! THANK YOU!!"

Featured Wedding

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