NEW Entry Testing Requirements
for Travel to Aruba

Guided by our customer service, we will continue to communicate the latest updates in policies and requirements for travel so your travel planning is made easy and with confidence.

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New updates to testing requirements effective March 19th make travel to Aruba easier.  

  • All travelers will no longer be required to present a COVID-19 negative test result or proof of vaccination. 
  • All travelers will still be required to complete Aruba’s Embarkation/Disembarkation Card, the country’s digitized customs and immigration process, before arrival.
  • Aruba Visitors Insurance is still required for all visitors. 

For the most up to date information on Aruba’s traveler health requirements, please visit HERE.

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Virtual testing options meeting ‘fit to fly’ criteria and making it easier for travelers to complete required Covid-19 return testing prior to travel back to the United States or other countries, are available.

To learn more about testing requirements including acceptable tests, we recommend all visitors check the options provided by the Aruban government HERE.

Please note, these options are subject to pricing and availability that may vary depending on your location.

 Your country's risk level and the type of COVID-19 test you choose to complete will impact the testing window you must meet. Find out what the requirements are for your country here.

We recommend all visitors check frequently for any changes to dates, markets, required procedures and more.

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