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Alisha & Sam  |  November 12, 2016

What They Said

"Planning a local wedding can be stressful enough, but adding the idea of using vendors you'd never meet in person at a location that you can't visit on the weekends and having 80 guests travel to another country just for you can certainly add to the stress level. Maurella and Inge were our wedding planners and they squashed that fear right away for us.

As a former event planner myself, I knew everything would go perfectly. The wedding itself was flawless (even though we added a degree of difficulty by having the ceremony at the golf course and the reception on the beach). Transportation across the street for guests was perfectly timed, the violinist played beautifully as did the steel drum player. Swingmasters played every song from the list we gave him and he even perfectly timed slow dances so that people could take much needed breaks. Our amazing photos speak for themselves. Our guests raved about how delicious the food was and three months later are still going on about the above and beyond service at the wedding. Every table had their own cocktail waitress and nobody had to get up to go to the bar once!

As volunteers for the Animal Relief Foundation of Aruba, we work to get the stray animals of Aruba food, shelter, veterinary care and forever homes. Maurella and Inge were extremely supportive and encouraging of our idea to bring foster puppies to our cocktail hour. Inge was not only our wedding planner, but she is also a fellow animal lover who we once ran in to while we were both helping the animals of Aruba! As seen in the photos, the puppies were a unique twist to a bouquet and an excellent way to spread awareness about helping the strays of Aruba! Without the support of the venue and wedding planners, we would have never been able to make this happen.

Last but not least, Maurella took my 87-year old grandmother (the flower girl) under her wing and turned my grandmother's experience in to the trip of a lifetime. Maurella, Inge and the Aruba Weddings For You team genuinely made wedding planning for us so stress-free, fun and exciting. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. I may even get a divorce so I can have a second wedding there.... Just Kidding! Maurella started off as our wedding planner, but now she refers to us as her "Boston family." We will be back to One Happy Island next year and every year to follow and we can't wait to see our Divi family when we visit! ARUBA WEDDINGS FOR YOU IS THE BEST!!!!!!"

Featured Wedding

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